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Instant payment, preferred trips, better incentives & no deductions. You deserve it all, Shofer is the solution for you.Signup today and join the family.


Why trust Shofer and join ?

Following reasons

Drive With Pride

You don't deserve to be insulted, we won't give you wrong rides and our users won't misbehave because of no mistake of yours.

*Preferred rides and no deductions

Choose your own routes, no deductions on not accepting the rides. We will chek from you first before assigning the rides. Choice will always be yours.

Earn better

You choose how much you want to earn. Transparent and easy targets, preferred mode of payments.

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How to get started

Decide today and Shofer family is welcoming you to be a proud Shofer

  • 1

    Register :- Complete the form above and upload all the documents in our app or website and apply to on-board with Shofer . Click here for documents upload and apply.

  • 2

    Train :- After reviewing your application and documents verification, we shall invite you for the discussion and post screening you shall go thru the training and orientation program.

  • 3

    Ride :- Once orientation and training is completed, you shall start getting the rides and your earning starts.

Owner Documents:

1. Aadhaar Card 2. PAN Card 3. Address Proof 4. Cancelled Cheque or Passbook

Vehicle Documents

1. Vehicle Registration Certificate 2. Vehicle Fitness Certificate 3. Vehicle Insurance 4. Vehicle Permit 5. Vehicle Road Tax (SUV Vehicles) 6. Police Verification Sticker

Driver Documents

1. Driving License 2. Aadhaar Card 3. Address Proof 4. Police Verification Certificate (PVC) or Police Verification Sticker

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